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About Siller Producer

We are a company specialized in planting, harvesting, and marketing ginger in national and international soil. We strive to plant and harvest ginger in a sustainable way without doing harm to the environment. We offer our customers confidence, high-quality products, competitive price, and agility in our internal and external processes.

Our Story

Celson Siller

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Siller Producer is a company that has been in the hearts of Celson Siller and Kelly Santos for many years and became a reality in 2017. Celson, a Pomeranian, of German descent and resident of the small town of Santa Leopoldina, saw a great opportunity to bring his origin, his history, and techniques of planting ginger that were passed down for many years from father to son within his family, and invested all love and knowledge, culture and values in Siller Producer. 




In 2018 already established and serving several communities around Santa Leopoldina and the states of Brazil, Siller Producer started to take an even bigger step toward overseas. Celson, together with his partner Kelly Santos, started exporting ginger to other countries and expanding his business in some countries in Latin America. In 2018, the world began to buy the best ginger in the small town of Santa Leopoldina, which despite being small, became a major player in the planting and trade of ginger reaching several countries. From the dream of planting, harvesting, and marketing ginger responsibly and sustainably, great projects were born that support several families and allow a product so rich in nutrients to reach thousands of homes, bringing continuous benefits from generation to generation.


 Siller, because it's worth dreaming!


Our Family

Santa Leopoldina unit

       Our Plantation

Santa Leopoldina, Espirito Santo- Brazil

Our location

Siller Producer is located in the city of Santa Leopoldina, in the state of Espírito Santo, Brazil. Santa Leopoldina is a city in the interior of the state and is known for its fertile and nutrient-rich soil for planting and harvesting ginger, fruits, and vegetables. The city is also known for having the most beautiful shores of Espirito Santo and for having in its population diversity of ethnicities such as the Pomeranians descended from Germans and the descendants of Luxembourg. The population of Santa Leopoldina is 12,885 inhabitants (2015), in an area of ​​276,619 mi2.

   Our Vision

To be one of the largest ginger producing and exporting companies in Brazil, offering quality, agility, and professionalism to our customers. To be noticed worldwide for our products and quality.

Our Mission

Planting, harvesting, and selling high-quality ginger with social responsibility and respect for the environment.

Our Values

The company values ​​the quality of the products, services provided, customer satisfaction, and the security with which the services are performed. We are committed to growth, results, and socio-environmental responsibility.

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